Booking for a company

We can cater for all kinds of events, whether it's a small team social, a 300 person company party, a public conference or niche training day. Artists love curating a set based on your requests and the atmosphere you are trying to create, they can do anything from quizzes or classical drinks receptions through to hits that get everyone up and dancing at home!
Our USP is creating personal, engaging, interactive events so don't be afraid to discuss ideas with your performer to create something really special!

You can get in touch with the artist directly

If you have found the perfect performer, feel free to get in touch with them directly. You can use the contact performer link on their profile to send them a message. Most performers will get back to you within 1-2 business days and most of the time are able to open up extra availability beyond their instantly bookable times.

What are typical costs?

Corporates pricing table
Artists will provide an exact quote based on your requirements. We have included these guide costs for reference, based on time and audience per artist, i.e. for duos, the price you will be quoted will typically be double. These prices typically reflect those for larger corporates including sound checks and prep. If you are a small team looking for something simple, or a not for profit then don't be afraid to send an enquiry and our artists will try to find something that works for you both.
If you would like something bespoke, e.g. learning a song that's not in their published repertoire, or creating a quiz, their quote will reflect this.
1 - 15 people
16 - 50
51 - 150
15 minutes
£75 / $100
£120 / $160
£165 / $220
£210 / $280
30 minutes
£125 / $170
£200 / $270
£275 / $370
£350 / $470
45 minutes
£175 / $230
£280 / $510
£385 / $510
£490 / $650

What if I book for one category and the number of attendees changes?

It's an art not a science... We don't have the resources to police it but we trust you.
Make your best informed guess at booking, and if you end up having more attendees than expected, just make sure that your additional guests also receive the artist's feedback and tipping form after the show and you will have made plenty good on your karma.

What would be the cost of something bespoke like learning a new song?

Most artists will quote anywhere from £30 - £100 / $40 - $135 and upwards, depending on how complex the song is, time constraints, etc.

Can we get in touch with you directly?

Of course you can!
However, we are a small team so you are likelier to get a faster outcome by contacting artists directly. We typically will get back to you within 3 working days or sooner if you include a joke or some emojis in your message. You can contact us at [email protected]
After booking here's what to be aware of:

Sound check

The sound quality tends to be best with Zoom, but our artists mostly use external mics with a sound interface, so it would normally not matter which service you use. We nevertheless would recommend checking sound beforehand, especially if not using Zoom.

Checklist of things to arrange before

  • Timing: Make sure you're clear when the event starts versus when the artist should dial in
  • Choice of VC: We find sound quality is best on Zoom. If possible it is best to use a company Zoom with a Pro account so you have longer than 40 minutes and more configurability. We can also use other platforms (e.g. MS Teams) but the artist needs to know so they can change their sound settings.
  • Configuring Zoom (ask IT!): Are you using a regular group call, or setting up as a webinar? Will someone 'spotlight' the performer for the audience? Who will have control of the mute to make sure the audience are muted during the performance (important!)? Does the artist have the password?
  • Tech issues: Is there a point person for any technical issues? It might be worth exchanging phone numbers with the artist just in case anyone's tech fails them on the day (it hasn't happened to us yet, but all it takes is a powercut / squirrel chewing through a cable...!)
  • Introductions: Will someone internal be introducing Lockdown Presents and the artist? Or are they joining as a surprise? Just let them know so they can introduce themselves and explain the concept accordingly!
  • Interaction: Is there an MC who'll lead the chat with the artist? Should the artist read the chat box for comments/questions? It can be fun to arrange a 'vote' ahead of time where the audience can vote for which song they'd like to hear. Or you could even arrange a musical quiz!
  • Set: Have you given the artist some guidance on the sort of vibe you are after (e.g. uplifting, dance-inspiring, classical-champagne reception) to help them curate a perfect set. Do you have any specific requests? Anything you'd like them to mention?
  • Sound check: Do you want the artist to do a quick check with you / your tech team ahead of the call to check things like the VC configuration and sound check? If using something other than Zoom it is worth doing a sound check to get the settings right.